Monday, May 29, 2017

Chivilcoy C Week 19!

Hola amigos!
This week was crazy! It was transfers on Tuesday and since we're out in the middle of nowhere we travel on Monday night. I am once again a sister training leader so we were in Ramos Mejía for the leadership meeting Wednesday, then that night we were going to travel home, but the bus was about an hour and a half late and we would have gotten back really late so we called President Robertson and came back to the offices and ended up staying until Thursday morning/afternoon. We got back to Chivilcoy around 5:30 that day and it was right back to work! This week is going to be crazy as well! Today is normal, but tomorrow we're going to 9 de Julio (the limit of the mission) tomorrow to do divisions then travelling back on Wednesday. On Friday we have zone conference with President in Bragado at 9 AM, but for the bus hours we have to travel Thursday night and stay in Bragado with the hermanas there. After the conference on Friday we head off to Junin (another limit of the mission) to do divisions until Saturday. It'll be interesting, but I look forward to it! We get to work with some amazing hermanas and see miracles! 

I just wanted to really quick tell the story of some new people we found yesterday!
Yesterday in church they announced that the branch president's dad is in the hospital. We happened to be close by their house last night so we passed by to see how the family is doing and while we were waiting for them to answer the door Hna Parra asked me if we had ever contacted the neighbor in front. We hadn't ever so I told her we could go contact them after we talked to the family. At the end of our conversation with the branch president's wife we asked her if she knew the people that lived in front and she didn't so we told her we were going to get to know them for her. It turns out that the family that lives there is from Paraguay and they came here just a year ago. The woman we talked to is super great and seems really interested, but her pareja doesn't really like religion so we couldn't teach her in that moment. Later last night we went by a former investigator and the woman we were looking for has moved, but it was her mom that came out and she was so happy to see us! We ended up teaching a little lesson outside and leaving her a Book of Mormon. We have an appointment with her on Thursday so I hope all goes well there! 

I hope y'all are doing well and well, see ya in two weeks!
-Hermana Cheever

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