Monday, March 27, 2017

Chivilcoy Week 10! Temple!

Hola amigos!

This week was great! We went to the temple! The Hermanas had a baptism! Life is good! Because we went to the temple we weren't in our area a lot this week because our zone is out in the boonies (that's a phrase, right?) so we travelled Wednesday afternoon, went to the temple Thursday, and came back Friday morning. 

We visited Aida, the grandma of the recent convert of the hermanas, and I just love her so much! It was her 89th birthday on Thursday so when we went on Wednesday we brought her a little cake that we had made and she was so happy. 

Also, the members here are so great! Especially the recent converts! There's one who is a mailman so we'll see him throughout the day sometimes. Today he saw us go into the store and he was working, but there's a bakery that's right across the street, so he went in and bought something for us and when we walked out we were like "Hey, there's Federico, let's go say hi!" and he handed us the little bag he had in his hand and said "Something sweet to pass the morning!" and left because he had to keep working. It was the best thing ever!

Something we're doing as a mission right now is reading the Book of Mormon in 60 days! It's great! We just started and I would love to invite all of you to join in! If you want to do it, my mom has the schedule and everything. It's great!

I love you all! The gospel's true, God loves you!
-Hermana Cheever
Kaitlin and her companion tree?

Buenos Aires Argentina LDS Temple
Kaitlin and Hermana Loderup with some people.  
No Idea
It's food
The Temple in the rain

** Kaitlin didn't provide any explanations with her pictures, so I guessed.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Chivilcoy Week 9! Members are the best!

Hola amigos!
¿Cómo están todos? Well, Hermana Cheever is doing great! Loving the mission, loving Chivilcoy, loving life!

I love working with members. A few weeks ago the investigator of the hermanas, Fernando, gave us a referral of his sister, Marcela, who lives in our area. We had contacted her, but she was busy. After Fernando's baptism on Friday he was asking us about her and said that the next day he was gong to go over to her house to help with some things and invited us to come meet her then. We passed by and she is great! Fernando hadn't told them that he was getting baptized, so he told them there that he was getting baptized and would be confirmed the next day in church, so they came to church! Also, his parents who live in campo came to church and they agreed to meet with us when we go to Marcela's house! It was so great! 

Also on Friday Cesar, the recent convert of the elders, accompanied us to a lesson with Fabricio and after he told us he wanted to introduce us to the grandma of Juan (the recent convert of the hermanas). So he told us where she lived and we went over there and she is so great! She's 88 years old and can't get around much, but she said if someone brings her, she'll come to church! She also accepted a baptismal date! She is so great!!!! 

This has really strengthened my testimony of working with the members. Even when it's just letting them see that we're good, obedient missionaries, they give us the names of their family and friends, sometimes without us even asking. 

As far as the rest of the work goes, it's going pretty well! We've been doing lots of follow-up with the investigators we found last week and we found a few really great ones this week too. Last week I talked about the three moms that we found that one had lost her pregnancy. Yesterday we taught them the Plan of Salvation, and they loved it! They were so intrigued and as soon as we finished explaining one part, they'd be like "okay, so that's where we came from, now why are we here?" "Okay, that's the purpose of life, now for what we've been waiting for. What happens after this life?" They are so receptive in this moment! I think we truly found them in their perfect moment.
This week we're going to the temple!!! I'm so excited!
Well, that's all for this week! I love you all!
-Hermana Cheever

Monday, March 13, 2017

Chivilcoy C Week 8! News everywhere!

Hola amigos!

This week was phenomenal! (Is that spelled right?) We found ten new investigators! That's right folks, 10! And we've got 4 investigators with a baptismal date! 

Three of those we found this week are 2 sisters and their sister in-law. They are so great! They started to cry in the lesson and then when we taught them how to pray and asked who wanted to end the lesson with a prayer they decided to all 3 take turns and do a prayer each! It was so great and special! 

Our investigator, Fabricio finally came to church! We went to Bragado to do divisions and that was great! There are some really amazing sisters in this zone! I'm doing great! See y'all in 3 months! (not that I'm counting, I'm just aware of the date!)
Love you all!

-Hermana Cheever

Monday, March 6, 2017

Chivilcoy C Week 7! Una Locura!

Hola amigos!

Alright! Here's a quick update of the last two weeks. Transfers came! Hna Loderup stayed here with me! She totally thought she was going! She had her suitcases packed, said her goodbyes at church and everything! Then, Elder Montoya called Sunday night to give us transfer news and it turns out we stayed together! Our apartment was crazy on Monday though! It was carnaval and all the people in our zone who were being transferred had to travel and there wasn't much space on the buses so instead of travelling with their companions, the hermans got to chivilcoy and the ones who were being transferred continued on the bus and those who weren't came and stayed with us! We may as well have had transfers in Chivilcoy instead of Ramos Mejía there was so much going on and so much confusion!

We had to travel to Ramos Mejía as well to go to our mission council meeting since we're the sister training leaders and well, thanks to carnaval, there was no space on the buses for monday or tuesday and we were all going crazy! The zone leaders were calling like every hour, the assistants as well, our district leader quite a few times. The phone was going crazy! We ended up finding like a little shuttle thing and going in that to Morón then in train to Ramos Mejía. It was locooooo!

The rest of the week was pretty normal. We taught Fabricio. We taught Alfredo. They're both learning and progressing nicely. Well, except that neither of them came to church! But you know what, they're going to come this week, because they need to.

I love you all!!
-Hermana Cheever​

My Companion and me

The people in the little bus from President Robertson's house
to the offices after our meeting Wednesday!