Monday, October 31, 2016

Ituzaingó 1B week 7!

Hola amigos!

Well this week was pretty good. We walked. A ton. Enjoyed (read "died in") the sun. We saw Presidente and Hermana Robertson in our area on Friday. And they just about killed us with startledness (not sure if that's a word, but hey it works) because we were both looking where we were walking and not at the cars on the street and we just heard a man's voice yelling "Hermanas!" so we ignored it, then heard it antoher time. And another. Then the car started to back up because they already passed us. Then we saw that it was Pte and Hna Robertson and realized that we were okay.

We also saw two grand miracles! Here they are:
1) Thursday we had an appointment with an antiguo investigadora the Hermana Lideres visited in the tormenta blanca and she is amazing! SHe is so prepared! Her name is Liliana and she understood everything so well. We were talking about how the Priesthood was taken from the earth after Christ's earthly ministry and she was super concerned. SHe said something along the lines of "But, how would the world be without the authority of God? Everyone would be lost!" Then when we explained about Joseph Smith, as we were going to tell the 1st Vision, I showed the picture and she said "Ah how beautiful! SO that's the young man, and those two in the light, who are they?" She really felt the spirit and loved the Restoration!

2) The second miracle happened with our investigator, Marina. Last week we shared the Proclamation with her and she really loved it. She had returned a few weeks ago to her Evangelical church, but after sharing the Proclamation with her she said she was going to have to pray again and see what God wants her to do. Well, we had a lesson with her on Saturday and we felt like it would be a good idea to teach her about Noche de Hogar on ella y ahora quiere efectuar una Noche de Hogar every monday with her son and her boyfriend! At the end of the lesson she said (without us even getting to that part) that she wanted to come to church with us the next day! She ended up not coming because Eduardo, su pareja, already had plans to go visit his children on Sunday and he said he wasn't going to go, but if she wanted to she could stay and go with us, but he was going to go visit his kids. She did promise us though that this Sunday she will go with us! And she already has 1 asistencia so if she comes the next two Sundays she can be baptized in November! Well, that is if she tells Eduardo he needs to find somewhere else to live until his divorce comes through and they can get married. We are praying so much for her! 

This area is pretty hard, but I really have a testimony that the harder areas have more lasting conversions because the people really feel it and they aren't ust being baptized to be baptized.

Well, that was my week! The gospel's true God loves you!
-Hermana Cheever

Monday, October 17, 2016

Ituzaingó 1 Weeks 4&5!

Hola Amigos!

Okay so just a couple of exciting things happened these past two weeks. One of those things is that we had divisions! Hermana Poblete and I were separated for the first time this transfer and it was a little traumatic ... Haha JK. Divisions were actually really great! I was with Hermana Rodriguez from Perú in our area and Hna Poblete went to Ituzaingó 4 with Hna Barrera from Argentina. Hna Rodriguez and I saw so many miracles! Here's a list of the miracles we found:
  1. The less active we had an appointment with was actually there and she's great!
  2. We found a new golden investigator! (now if we can find her again, that'll be really cool!)
    We were going to beg forgiveness for not going to visit a less active with whom we had missed our appointment the day before and her ex-mother in-law was there watching her kids a little bit because she had had to travel to Salta to visit her dad. Anyway she talked to us and told us she had a ton of faith and that prayer has great power and we presented the Book of Mormon to her and she said she had already read quite a bit when visiting Virginia (the less active) or her mom and we asked if she wanted her own and explained that it was a treasure in our lives and she accepted very gladly and we said a prayer right there outside the house (I have no idea how many prayers I've said with people in the middle of the street, in a park, outside their house)
  3. On our way home in the night we paused before crossing the street because there were cars and that's the smart thing to do in that situation and this man on bicycle stopped and started talking to us and he was really great and we didn't even ask if there was anything we could help him with or anything that he would like us to pray for and he told us that he had a request that we could pray so that his paperwork could go through and he could receive the money he's been waiting for for his military service. Then as we talked a bit more, we found out that he lives in Ituzaingó 4 which is the area of Hna Rodriguez! It was actually a little funny because to get to our apartment (which is in Itu 4) we have to cross two or three blocks of the elders' area and then we live like 3 blocks in the area of the hermanas and we found this man as we were crossing the street that divides the wards and areas so we found someone in the middle of crossing the three areas right there. 
Anyway, I think that's all I have time for this week! I love each and every one of you and your beautiful faces! 

The gospel's true, God loves you!
-Hermana Cheever

Monday, October 3, 2016

Ituzaingó 1 Week 3! Livin' on a Prayer!

Hola amigos!
So, you've probably been wondering if I'm still alive or not and the answer is yes, it's just that the time goes by super fast to email.

As you can see in the subject line I am no longer in 25 de Mayo, transfers were 3 weeks ago and I came to Ituzaingó 1! I'm back in the city and boy is it different! The first few days transitioning from riding a bike all day to walking all day were a little rough, Let's just say I had forgotten that things like hamstrings and calves and feet existed but they let me know they were still there! 

Right now we have and investigator that's super great! Her name is Marina and yeah, she's amazing! She's already read the whole Book of Mormon! There's just one slight problem: Her boyfriend needs his divorce to finalize so they can get married and we don't know how long that's going to take and since they live together she can't be baptized until they either get married or he finds somewhere else to live while they wait for everything. If you could pray for her that everything can come through, that would be wonderful! We've got a few really great families here! It's so weird to be in a ward again! And with members who have served missions or been members their whole lives! It sure changes the dynamic of things! 

Ah! I forgot to say anything about my new companion! Her name is Hermana Poblete and she's from La Serena, Chile! Aaand I'm training! It sure is an interesting learning experience. I think I'm learning more than she is! She's super great and prepared! 

As far as the other half of the subject line goes, I hit my halfway mark on Friday! Yup that's right folks! It's been 9 months since Hermana Cheever left her house and entered the mission! I have learned a ton and I love the mission so much!! 

Now for the most exciting part of the week - GENERAL CONFERENCE! I was able to watch 3 out of the four sessions in English and I was so grateful for that because I love to hear the talks from the general authorities in their actual voices and how it was originally written! The spirit was so strong and talk about a focus on missionary work! This conference basically taught us the Restoration and Plan of Salvation with a whole lot of faith and missionary-ness thrown in! I especially loved the talk given by Elder Evan A. Schmutz. The Spirit was so strong in the little room where we were watching that I felt like I could basically reach out and touch it! I encourage you all to go back and read or listen to that talk because I'm pretty sure it's a life changer! Well, I love you all! Never forget your divine heritage (as Elder Rasband taught us)! The gospel's true, God loves you!

-Hermana Cheever