Monday, July 25, 2016

25 de Mayo Week 1!

Hola amigos!

Here's a super quick update on how you're favorite Hermana Cheever is doing!

Well, this week was interesting. We didn't get a lot of work done because Monday night my bike broke so we've been using our feet all week.

Then Tuesday through Thursday was all spent in travelling because Hna Bonholzer had a meeting in Ramos Mejía with all the other people in their first and second transfers, so I stayed in Chivilcoy with Hna Macha (My sister training leader whose companion is also in her second transfer).

But on Friday we were finally able to meet with Leonor and Sofia, basically our only investigators, and teach them the last little things Leonor needed for her entrevista. Saturday she had her interview and she's getting baptized on Friday!

We also found a couple of new investigators on Saturday. We were looking for a reference and we didn't have a house number, but there was a lady outside with her young kids so we asked her if she knew the person and she said no, sorry. I was deciding how to start a contact with her, and Hna Bonholzer just said "Ok, bueno, umm Can we come in and share our message about God and Jesus Christ with your family?" In that moment I was like oh no, we scared her off, but she didn't even think for a minute, she just said "Ok, if it's fast, I've got no problem" That was a lesson for me in remembering that we just need to open our mouths sometimes and the Spirit will talk to the people also in humility reminding me that it's okay to try new ways to do things. The woman, Juliana has 4 young kids all under the age of 5 or 7. We don't know if shes married or juntada or anything because it was just her and her kids home at the moment and her sister, Milagros was visiting. So we were able to teach them the Restoration and they accepted an appointment for Tuesday! I'm really excited about them!

I'm learning and growing lots here in 25 de Mayo and I love it!
-Hermana Cheever
From left to right - Me, Hermana Macha,
Le Sueur, Hna Bonholzer
After the interviews and flash.
Hna Villanueva (my second mom in the mission, far left)
with her other hijita, Hna Muchica (or something like that, far right),
my companion /hijita Hna Bonholzer, and me.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Mercedes Week 10! FLASH!

Hola amigos!
Well, this week was pretty calm. We have FHE with the Bishop's family and the Elders on Monday
We taught Valentina on Tuesday and went to the English class Elder Wihongi and Elder Porter teach.
We did service for a less active family on Wednesday helping them clean their kitchen.
Then on Thursday the hermano came to install the alarm in our apartment and then we went to lunch and our correlation meeting.

Then things got not so calm ... We started correlation and our phone started to ring. This last week we had interviews with Presidente Robertson and some trainings from the assistants and secretaries. When those kind of things happen the assistants are the ones that call to assign people to say a prayer or lead the music or whatever it is that's needed so Hna. Salino was joking all week that the assistants were going to call (everyone hates it when they call because they're also the ones that break bad news, like if there's a flash...). 

Well, we looked at the phone and sure enough the screen said "Asistente 1 E' Dagleish". As we were walking out of the room to answer Elder Sales said jokingly "Ah flash!" Well, Hna Salino answered the phone and Elder Dagleish asked to talk to me ...

So, yeah, he told me that there was going to be a flash and I needed to pack everything that night and be in the chapel of Luján 1 the next morning at 8:50 because I was being transferred to 25 de Mayo. He said I would have my interview with Presidente and all the trainings, then go off to my new area. After I repeated all that so he knew I heard correctly he told me that my new companion would be ... Hermana Bonholzer! and that I would be finishing her training! So yup, I'm now training!! I love my new companion, she's great! She's from Cedar City. It's a little weird to have a white companion after 4 latinas in a row, but it's great. Life is great. 

The branch here (from what I can tell with 3 days) is pretty good. Yesterday was a little bit interesting because there was no electricity in the chapel so we only had sacrament meeting. I love you all and wish you the best in everything that's happening in your lives!

Oh and the scripture I chose to Ponderize this week is Ether 8:26. It's a really great one.
26 Wherefore, I, Hermana Cheever, am commanded to preach these things that evil may be done away, and that the time may come that Satan may have no power upon the hearts of the children of men, but that they may be persuaded to do good continually, that they may come unto the fountain of all righteousness and be saved. (Ether 8:26, Italics added)

I love you all! The gospel's true, God loves you!
-Hermana Cheever

Monday, July 11, 2016

Mercedes Week 9! Días de Independencia y Bautismos!

Hola Amigos,
Well, sorry I didn't email last week, but not much happened. It was my birthday and that was pretty great. Santos is progressing, slowly but surely. 

Now for the great miracle!!! BELÉN AND MARÍA LUZ were baptized!!! We had to move their baptismal date because Ezequiel is in a band and was going to be traveling to Buenos Aires that weekend, so we moved it to Wednesday, the 13th of July (which, in case you haven't noticed hasn't happened yet, but be patient and I'll explain the story of their baptism). After church last Sunday Belén pulled us aside and asked if we could move the date of her baptism and I thought "Ah, great something happened with Ezequiel's schedule and she wants to postpone." But no! She said there was a conflict with her schedule and asked if she could move it up a week to that Wednesday!!! We of course said yes and ran (but not really ran because that's irreverent) to find Elder Sales to see if we could do the baptismal interview on Tuesday. Anyway, Wednesday came around and we spent the day in the chapel filling the font and cleaning and preparing everything so it would be just perfect (partly because it was a miracle baptism and we wanted everything to be perfect and partly because we invited President Robertson and wanted everything to go smoothly) and when 8 o'clock came around they were baptized! It was absolutely perfect! 

The brother in-law of Belén baptized the three (oh yeah Magalí, the other daughter who's 8 so she wasn't our investigator because her dad's a member) and it was so beautiful! Magalí was afraid of putting her head under the water so we coached her through it and when the moment came Hno Porcel (who was the person baptizing) was able to immerse her completely and when she left the font she had a smile on her face, but she said "Tío, I'm going to kill you!" because she felt good in the moment but when she came out of the water again it entered her head that she had been completely underwater and the fear came back. That moment though, was so special. Hno Porcel said that it wasn't even him that was able to baptize her, that it was the Spirit completely. He was thinking (as were we all) that she wasn't going to be baptized that day because when she entered the font she just kept saying "I'm afraid, I'm afraid!" and we thought she would change her mind, but one of the witnesses told her that all she needed to do was sit down and then her uncle would help put her head in the water for a second so she was okay. Then just before the baptism her dad whispered to her "Maga, no tengas miedo" which means don't be afraid. Oh my goodness it was so beautiful!!!! 

We also planned a special surprise for the family during the baptismal service. Ezequiel is a man that, although he plays in a band, doesn't like to speak in public very much, but he agreed to bear his testimony and oh man was it powerful. He's also kind of a large person and he appears all tough, but the moment he starts talking about the gospel he starts crying. I don't think there was a dry eye in the congregation.Oh my goodness there was so much excitement this week! Then yesterday was the confirmation of Belén and María Luz and Magalí and ah I just love seeing people enter into the fold of the Good Shepherd. Ooh and what's even more exciting is that in 1 year I'll probably be able to go to the temple with them to see them sealed right before I go home! 

Well, that was the week of Hermana Cheever! Oh! One more thing, we have another golden investigator, Valentina and she's amazing! I don´t have much more time, but basically she's the niece of Hno Porcel (I swear he has more family than I do and they all live in Mercedes) and she's 12 years old and is passing some difficulties at home and could really use your prayers. I love you all! The gospel's true, God loves you!
-Hermana Cheever
The familia Orozco and the missionaries
The missionaries and their beloved converts (and Hno Porcel)
Hno Porcel with Belén María Luz and Maga
The Porcel family with my beloved Belén, Ezequiel, María Luz, and Magalí