Monday, February 20, 2017

Chivilcoy C Week 5! Baptism!!!!

Hola amigos!
This week was pretty great! One great highlight was that Alfredo got baptized and confirmed! It was so great! Juan, the recent convert of Hnas Moore and Mason, baptized him and Cesar, the recent convert of the elders, was one of the witnesses. It was so special! He got there an hour late because of some complication, but he got there! We were so worried! We were pacing back and forth and calling like every 20 minutes and he'd say something like "I think I should get there in 15 minutes!" However, the stress and everything was all worth seeing him baptized! He was so happy! 

We also got to do service on Saturday! We went to a less active's house and the quorum was building a bathroom for him and the 4 of us Hermanas cleaned inside because it's a man who can't do much for himself. It was so great that someone finally let us serve! 

As for the rest of the week well, we went on divisions with the other Hermanas in Chivilcoy, Hnas Moore and Mason. I was with Hna Mason who is just wonderful! She's from Australia! She's got one week left of training and she is so great! It was really cool to be with her and see how she leads their area and everything. We also got to teach this one man that Hna Loderup and I actually found in a street contact the first day of the transfer and he's so great! He's come to church a few times and to a couple activities. We also taught their recent convert Juan, who's like the most converted convert I've ever seen, and it was just a wonderful day! We also did 20 street contacts during the day! The goal in the zone is 10 per day! It felt so great! 

This week we also taught one of our investigators, Fabricio, the Word of Wisdom. We challenged him to live it for just 2 weeks and see what happens. When we called on Saturday night to see how he was doing with it he told us that some friends had invited him to go drinking, but he told them he just didn't feel like it and didn't go! The Spirit is working with that man! There are truly miracles happening in Chivilcoy!

Love you all!!! The gospel's true, God loves you!
Foto: Far left: Juan, the recent convert of the Hermanas, Alfredo, me, Hna Loderup

Monday, February 13, 2017

Chivilcoy C Week 4! New investigators!

Hola Amigos!
This week was pretty good. Alfredo passed his baptismal interview and he's getting baptized this Saturday! We are super excited, especially because Juan, the recent convert of the other hermanas, is going to baptize him! 

We also found two great nuevos yesterday! The first one we had to sit down for a minute to pray about what we should do and the dogs in the house started barking at us so we decided to contact the house. As we went to knock on the door, this man comes out the garage door to see why his dogs were barking. His name is Jorge and he was super friendly. He said he was looking for something to fill the spaces in his life and to answer his questions that are really questions of the soul. He was just about to leave though, so we set up a follow up appointment and he told us that he wants his whole family to be there! 

The second is a young man that we had contacted on Monday. His name's Luis and he's 15. The other day we went to his house for the appointment we had set and he wasn't there because he was at the hospital with his grandma, but he told his sister that we were going to come so to talk to us. We ended up teaching his sister and had an appointment with her yesterday, which when we went by Luis saw us and he was just like "oh let me get the chairs and bring them out here!" He told us the story of why he couldn't be there the other day and apologized about a million times. 

So it turns out that he doesn't really know that much about religion, but he wants to learn! When we asked if he would like to be baptized as Jesus Christ was he said "yeah, I would really like that! I'd be able to leave the lies I've made when I was a little younger and the bad decisions I've made all behind and start a new life" so he accepted a baptismal date for the 18th of March! He also wants to come to Alfredo's baptism on Saturday!

The gospel's true, God loves you!
-Hermana Cheever

Monday, February 6, 2017

Chivilcoy C Week 3! New investigators and Cows.

Hola amigos!
Here's a really basic update on the life of Hermana Cheever!

This week we found some pretty solid new investigators, and Alfredo is progressing really well to be able to be baptized on the 18th. Hermana Loderup told me that he hates the rain and so every other Sunday that it's rained he hasn't come and whenever they had an appointment when it was rainy last transfer he would cancel. So we can say we were a little afraid that would happen this weekend with the cold and the rain, but he came through and showed up to the lesson on Saturday and church for all 3 hours on Sunday! He's super excited for his baptism. He has started to give us references to visit his family that lives in Chivilcoy and the address of his family in Paraguay. We talked about temples on Saturday and we set a goal with him to go to the temple 2 weeks after his baptism with an hermano that goes every 2 weeks. He seemed pretty excited to do baptisms for the dead for his own family!

This week we did divisions and it was such a different experience as a sister training leader. It was so great. We could really see how the Lord has His hand in every part of the work.
This morning we got to milk a cow!  It was great!
Que estén bien!
The gospel's true, God loves you!
-Hermana Cheever