Monday, May 8, 2017

Chivilcoy C Week 16!

Hola Amigos!
This week was pretty great! On Thursday we had interviews with President which is always a highlight of my week! We found 7 new investigators this week and 7 new people committed to a baptismal date! Here's the stories of some of them.

Junior y Lujan:
We found a couple that were former investigators we had looked for before that Hna Abbott had taught! They are so great! They remember a ton of what the Hnas before taught and it was a year and a half ago that their registro was last updated. They accepted a fecha for the 17th of June, they already know they have to get married and make some changes and they were pretty excited!
Camila and Mirta:
On Friday we went by a reference the elders had given us of someone they found in the house of their recent convert. Her name is Camila and she's 17. We taught her and her mom the Restoration and just recently her grandma died so we were able to tie in the Plan of Salvation and they loved the lesson! They were so excited to accept a baptismal date and the mom, Mirta, asked if her other son could be baptized too or if the invitation was just for her and Camila. We explained that everything we do in the church is centered on the family and that it would be great if her son is baptized with them.

One adventure we had this week was getting lost while looking for a member we had set an appointment with. It turns out she lives clear on the other side of the elders´area, but we didn't know that when we set up the appointment. Anywho, we set off for the adventure and about a third of the way there I realized I didn't take another look at the map and count the blocks (because after about ten blocks there's no more street signs) and I didn't have my little map with me because I had lent it to the other hermanas last week and I forgot to ask for it before we left. Anyway, I just figured, well it's close to the hospital, I'm sure once we find the hospital someone will know where the street we're looking for is. We kept going and going until I saw a hospitalish looking building and we started asking people for the street (I don't know why we didn't ask for the hospital) and no one knew where it was. One guy even went in his house to look it up and came out saying it wasn't on the map but he had heard it so it had to be close by. We decided to just keep going a little further and when we passed the hopitalish looking building it turns out that it was a college and that's why we couldn't find the street ... Once we found the hospital, it was on the same street as the member we wanted to visit so we started looking for the house number. Hardly any houses had numbers on them ... Well, we decided that we're missionaries and we know how to knock on people's doors and ask them questions. It was lunch time so no one answered their door. We finally found a guy outside his house and we asked him for the member and he told us it was the 4th house in the block before. We finally made it! An hour late, but we made it! It was worth it though. The Hna told us she had figured we had gotten lost, but she didn't have our number to call us so she just waited. We shared the Restoration with her and without even having to ask for references she told us that because she knew we were coming she had been thinking during the week of someone she wanted us to visit. She had thought of her sister, but she just moved so she said she would ask for her new address and tell us the next time she sees us! We left a few pass along cards with her and she was so excited to share them with people! Working with the members is the best!!!

Have a great week! The gospel's true, God loves you!
-Hermana Cheever

We bought ice cream :)

The branch president's family brought us dinner on Saturday night, but when Hna Lau and Hna Avila came back from going to get it they dropped a huge bag on the table and said here's dinner! We opened it up and it was a ton of oranges. Not that I'm complaining, I love oranges, but it was strange that they didn't bring us real food. It was a joke. Hna Lau and Hna Avila went back into the hallway and brought in the bag that had the pizza and guiso.

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