Monday, April 3, 2017

Chivilcoy Week 11! General Conference!!!

This week was just a normal week. Nothing big happened in our area, just preparing people to come to conference! It was so cool the Spirit that we felt as we invited and talked to the people about general conference. We could feel that there was something special about this conference. After conference we were talking and realized that it was really just super basic. It was the very basics of the gospel. There was nothing new, nothing deep, nothing grand, just that the gospel has been restored, God has a plan for each and every one, and we have the tools to know for ourselves and help others as well. That's what was special about it. The gospel is just good. 

This week also my companion and I noted the difference faith has on our work. One day we had a ton of citas, but they were all just with people Hna Loderup and Mason contacted in divisions so they could easily fall through. I was thinking about that, but then I decided that they could easily happen too. So I told Heavenly Father that I knew that if we showed our faith in that day, he would bless us with someone to teach at every hour we had a cita, even if it wasn't the person in the plans. In the morning our cita fell through, so we decided to keep going and try to find a reference we had close by. No one knew who the reference was and we were about to just give up and go on to the next plan, but Hna Loderup asked me if we could just contact the woman watering her garden on the corner. We went. She accepted us. As she went inside to look for the keys and open the door, I told Hna Loderup what I had thought earlier that morning and she told me that she had just had a similar experience. It was so cool! Even though our cita fell through, the Lord provided another one of his precious daughters for us to teach. Also, I feel like the Book of Mormon is helping tremendously to increase our faith! I love this challenge!

We had a really cool experience with conference! We were watching it in English and we were in the secretary's office because the transmission was cutting out, so they had the TV ready just in case it cut out. However, with the satellite transmission there's the little TV there with all the boxes of satellite signal stuff, so it was playing conference in Spanish and we were watching it on the computer in English. It was a little distracting to have the Spanish there, too, so Hna Loderup leaned forward and cupped her hands over her ears to block out the Spanish and augment the English and it worked! So Hna Mason and I tried it as well. As the three of us were sitting there leaning as forward as we could, literally straining our ears towards the sound of the voice of Elder Oaks it made me think more spiritually. That is how we should be at all times. We should strain our ears towards the voice of the Spirit, for He will guide us in all things, but He speaks in a still, small voice in a world full of distractions. 

Also, while we're on the subject of general conference, can we just talk about Elder Costa's talk? I LOVED IT! It was literally a talk just for investigators!!! AHHH! And he's from Buenos Aires which means he's cool. By the way, for all those wondering, no I don't have an accent like him. I've been gone 15 months, I still sound like a Utahan.

I love you all! The gospel's true and God loves you!
-Hermana Cheever

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